A hybrid limousine for President Putin with Enertech International batteries.

In May 2018, President Vladimir Putin attended the inaugural ceremony with Russian limousines developed and built by FGUP 'NAMI' in Russia.

In addition to the limousines, all cars, including the SUVs and vans produced by the "Cortech" project, are hybrid vehicles, with four large 6.6-liter V12 turbines on the top, and vehicles with 850 horsepower and 1320 Nm of torque, Simultaneous use saves fuel and boosts power through the booster.


MINPROMOTORG, who is in charge of supplying vehicles to President Putin, declared that they are confident the "Cortezh" vehicle will be mass-produced at the request of the government in the near future, and are equipped with a lithium-ion battery developed and produced by Enertech International, which will be released to the public market for the next three years .

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