2 - 3 Wheel Vehicles

2-3 Wheel Vehicles  E-bike & E-scooter

The global e-bike market was considered to develop fast from 2003 to 2012. In developed countries, e-bike was more considered as a kind of transportation tools used in spare time or for exercise. The demand of e-bike kept a steady growth rate of 5 per cent to 10 per cent in the countries of Europe, North America and Japan.

On the contrary, people in China and other developing countries usually take e-bike as an important transportation tool instead of bus or subway. China is a developing country with limited economic strength, where people have limited economic ability and limited road capacity. In early 1990s, as pushed by the trend of energy saving, one peak for the e-bike development was brewed, but it was quickly wiped out by the emerging automotive vehicle. However, after the mid 1990s, the rapid development of automotive and other fuel-assistant vehicles brought problems like pollution, safety and resource waste; the air pollution problem became serious in China’s major cities like Shanghai, and Beijing. Since 2003, the e-bike development in China is supported by government because it matches with the national policy of energy saving and environmental friendly

Global demand of E-bike is gradually increasing and most of them are manufactured in China and Taiwan, and then go to European and China market to meet the market demand.

Specification of e-bike for Europe market and China domestic market is different. In case of Japan market, high price e-bike has been put to practical use. Like this, market differentiation is applied by each government’s policy and the customer needs.


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