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The Characteristics and trend of the RC market

The structure of the RC market is centered on America, Europe, and Japan, and the statistics show that the demand is gradually increasing in Korea.

The power source of the RC is shifting from gas to electric power especially in the RC aircraft. Major portion of the RC market relies on rechargeable battery power, and due to the memory effects, high self discharge rate, capacity limitations, and the cycle instability of the NIMH and NICD, the problem free LIPB is gaining popularity in the RC market.

NI-MH is currently the main power source of the RC-automobile due to the environmental regulation that will be imposed starting from July 2007, which will prohibit the use of Ni-CD. However, the most recent trend shows that the demand of the LIPB is growing in the RC-automobile market as well.

The global UAV drones market is expected to increase to USD 21.23 Billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 19.99% between 2016 and 2022. This report provides a detailed analysis of the market based on type, payload, component, application, and geography. The enhanced capabilities of drones to fight terrorism and the increasing demand for drones in commercial applications are driving the growth of the UAV drones market around the globe.

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