Wireless Phone

Wireless Phone

Handheld device refer to a portable terminal (device) that is limited in memory and display. PDA and Cellular phone is a prime example of a handheld device and in a broad concept, tablet PC and handheld PC is also considered as a handheld device.

Currently cellular phone is considered the most convenient handheld device and is known to have changed our lifestyle and also became a necessity in our daily lives. However as the market penetration of the cellular phone matured, the handheld device manufacturers sensed the necessity of new product and felt the urgency to distinct their product from others. In addition, the anticipation and the introduction of the satellite, DMB, and Wi-Bro and other varieties of innovative services have placed the consumer’s expectation and needs to another level.

Although new and varieties of cellular phone/handheld devices are being launched in the market, two major cellular/handheld devices are being developed, one of which is the smart phone/ PDA (enhanced cellular phone with computing capabilities) and the other is the wireless PDA (PDA with wireless capability).

Sales Forecast on Wireless Terminals(2001-2008)

Data: Gartner Dataquest (2004. 8)
* Basic Phones - The Device serivces with Voice and Simple SMS data transmitting.
* Enhanced Phones - The Device servicesCDMA2000 or GPRS that process the data transmitting and Top on Voice
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* Smart Phones -Voice Centered Device or with O/S and various application Software
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* Wireless PDAs - Data centered PDA Wirless Devices