Environment quality control system ROHS

According to the EU environmental commission meeting, the committee agreed to place restriction on the Ni-Cd and its charger. Therefore upon completion of the approval process, Ni-Cd will be prohibited in portable devices except wireless instrument, medical device and security devices.

Furthermore the recycling recovery target for Ni-Cd has been revised to 25% of sales volume in 6 years, 45% in 10 years not to mention their target for portable batteries in general which is 50-70%. Related business has said “ only 1% of battery waste is responsible for cadmium ’ s chemical toxic waste ” and the EPBA (European Portable Battery Association) said “ recycling recovery target rate is absurd ” .

Stavros Dimas, the European commission commissioner stated that “ the regulation was presented and passed to protect the environment and that the prohibition rate of cadmium as to nickel has nothing to do with favoring one from the other. He did mention however that the deadline set to be in effect is not persuasive enough and there may be some changes in that regards.


Data: Korean Standard Quality June 9 th, 2006