Low Cost, Top Quality

Enertech international waits for any potential customers to meet the customized requirements like High Energy, High Power, Low Cost to be a Top Quality based on the Efficient Electrodes Mass Production lines and know-how.

Please Consider it done with Much Satisfactions to make and supply the Electrodes for you.

♦ Product Experience

Application Chemistry Remarks
18650 LCO+NCM / Graphite carbon
18650 LCO+NCM / Graphite polyelectrolyte
IT LCO / Graphite metallic oxide
(LiCoO2, LiNiO2, LiMn2, O4)
Prismatic LCO+NCM / Graphite Qualification From SAMSUNG
Large Capacity LMO / Graphite For test
Large format LCO+NCM / Graphite Under the production
EV LMO / Graphite Under the production with NCM/Graphite
26650 Power cell LMO / Graphite For test
PHEV LFP / Graphite For test
Large format NCM / Graphite For test
Large format LFP / Graphite For test
26650 Power cell LFP / Graphite OEM
18650 Natural carbon OEM
18650 Graphite OEM
Large format NCM+LMO/Graphite OEM
Large format LFP/Graphite OEM
IT cell LCO / Graphite OEM
26650 Graphite OEM