Customized Electrode

This specification defines the characteristics of a rechargeable lithium ion battery manufactured by ENERTECH INTERNATIONAL INC.


Electrode Coating Continuous Coating Intermittent Press
Dimension Width 10~680mm
Length 3,500m Coating: 50mm~ ∞ Non-C: 20~100mm Max. 700*350mm
Thickness 15~300㎛
Loading Density 10~50mg/㎠
Tolerance ±2mg/㎠ ±2mg/㎠ ±2㎛
Density of Electrode 3.9g/cc
Current Collector Thickness Al: 10~50㎛, Cu: 8~25㎛
Diameter(mm) ∮172~1000/Roll
Dimensions of Electrode roll Weight Max. 800kg/Roll
Core(mm) ID: 76~152

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