Model SPB90210260 Module 12S 2P

This specification defines the characteristics of a rechargeable lithium ion battery manufactured by ENERTECH INTERNATIONAL INC.


Item Specification
Nominal Capacity 40 Ah
Nominal Voltage 44.4 V
Charging method CC-CV
Charging Voltage 50.4±0.5 V
Charging current Standard 20 Ah
Maximum 40 Ah
Charging current cut-off < 2.0 Ah
Discharging current Standard 20 Ah
Maximum 160 Ah
Discharge cut-off voltage 30 V
Internal resistance < 3 mΩ
Dimension Height 153.0±0.2 mm
Width 232±1.0 mm
Length 294±1.0 mm
Weight < 20 kg

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