Model ESS 50 kWh

This specification defines the characteristics of a rechargeable lithium ion battery manufactured by ENERTECH INTERNATIONAL INC.


Item Specification
Cell Voltage Max 4.2 V
Nom 3.75 V
Min 3.0 V
Cell Capacity Rated 20 Ah
System Capacity (BOL) Theoretical 80 Ah
Rated 83.24 Ah
System Capacity (EOL) Theoretical 56 Ah
System Voltage Max 806.4 V
Nom 720 V
Min 576 V
System Energy Theoretical 57.6 kWh
Rated 59.9 kWh
Usable (typical) 34 kWh
Usable (max) 47 kWh
System Discharge Power Continuous 28.8 kW
Max 288 kW
Peak 576 kW
System Charge Power Continuous 228.8 kW
Max 288 kW
Peak 576 kW
System Mass 605 kg
System Shelf Life 5 years

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