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Our advantages

Mass Production Project

ENERTECH successfully finalized projects with all over the world. We have huge worldwide working experience with high power EV battery system, Energy storage system, UPS, Military and Medical Projects.

Own Production

ENERTECH is the company of full cycle production of own electrode, cell and battery system production base. We have own production patented know-how and flexible for customer’s needs.

Team of Professional

Our employee have best qualification, deep knowledge and inspiration to make world better and cleaner with our proud products.

Leading with New Technology

Our capabilities for the production of Lithium Ion cells is what we are proud of.

The company HISTORY

ENERTECH, which was previously part of Saechan Group in Korea, has more than 25 years of experience in coating and pressing active materials. Beginning point for ENERTECH was producing magnetic videotape and re-writable compact disks into its current experience coating electrodes for lithium-ion batteries. The company has a strong background in materials handling and automated production techniques as well as a quality- focused approach. That’s why in 2001 year SONY, who released the first commercial lithium-ion battery in 1991 year, choose EnerTech as main Korean partner to transfer Li Ion technology to South Korea. EnerTech choose NCM technology as most perspective compeer Lithium Cobalt Oxide and Lithium Manganese Oxide materials. This chose was done based on comparative analysis of technical engineering.

ENERTECH Inc. has experience in each material solution. To set NCM materials as main for product was supported by discernment and knowledge of ENERTECH engineering team. Today ENERTECH the one on leader on Energy Storage market. Company know-how improvement uninterrupted during past 25 years, We are investing in new technology, processes design and automation, materials development to suggest better price and find solution for any application.


Our news

New Enertech battery of NCM 811

Enertech with New version of its battery


Enertech battery on Incheon Monorail

Korea's longest urban tourist monorail has started running again.


Interbattery 2019

InterBattery 2019, the only battery exhibition in Korea, was held for three days at COEX in Seoul from October 16th to 18th.


Thin NCM (Nickel-Rich) cathode electrodes for a high-energy density

Enertech and Sion Power entered into a supply agreement for the thin NCM(Nickel-Rich) cathode electrodes for a high-energy density Lithium Metal Cell


Business opportunities for supplying dry cells with ETI

Business opportunities for supplying dry cells with ETI


Battery for Korean Defense Industry

SPM Talos: SPM Talos (Battery supplier for Korean Defense Industry) and Enertech have entered into a supply agreement for Lithium battery cells for TMMR (Tactical Multi-band Muti-Role Radio) communication system


Cell Process and Performance Test

BMW: BMW Group and Enertech have entered into a Frame Contract for the executing of “Cell Process and Performance Test”


SOLLERS Group and EnerTech: The Cooperating agreement was signed

The cooperating agreement was signed during the international exhibition INNOPROM 2018 between SOLLERS Group and EnerTech.

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Our philosophy

Аt ENERTECH Inc., we truly believe that safety, efficiency, and quality are the cornerstones of Battery business.


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