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Development center

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Enertech international Development center has more than 16 year experience in Li Ion chemistry. Started in 2001 year as researching laboratory, Enertech R&D center was actively working on electrodes (Cathode and Anode) and electrolyte which are the core technology of LIPB. That allows to the Company to patent own Electrode processes and brings to the company over 30 different patents in this field.
To continuously improve our goals, our Development center started to examine other way to increase density and capacity of cell, such as LCO, LFP etc.
At the same time as a part of Enertech R&D was established engineering development branch. It gave EnerTech Int. an option to meet market expectation. As of today we develop our own technology and software in different field (Energy storage, Electrical vehicles, Gadgets, Mobile phones, Medical equipment etc.) using both prismatic and cylindrical cells.
Aside from mass production we have Customize product division which let each dream come true.

Enertech international Technology and patent

o ALB (advanced lithium ion battery development and mass production capability

o PDA battery development

o RC (Radio control) high discharge rate battery development

o Power tool battery development

o ALB electrode development for both ESS and EV

o UL 1642 acquired

o Patents in Lithium Ion electrode production

o Patents in LIPB (Lithium Ion Polymer Battery) using polymer electrolyte

o Patents in Lithium Ion Battery Pack production