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General LIPB consumption in the market

The rechargeable battery markets is separated by 1) SLA which is cost effective and higher in capacity, but lower in energy density, 2) NIMH & NICD which were the conventional batteries in the portable device until the mid 90s, and 3) Li-ion which is mainly used in the portable digital devices as an energy source.

Since recent portable devices require higher efficiency and higher energy density, the consumption rate of the lithium-ion cell has been growing, and is anticipated to reach 72.9% in 2010.

Majority of Lithium Ion cells are manufactured in Japan, Korea, and China and the application ranges from PDA, cellular phones and notebook PC, of which 80% is consumed by notebook and cellular phone manufacturers

Development of the communication devices and notebooks. Enertech international is projected to advance in both technology and innovation by partnering with major notebook, cellular phone manufacturers as well as other significant device manufacturers.