Technology and patent acquirement

<Technology and patent acquirement>

  • ALB (advanced lithium ion battery development and mass production capability
  • PDA battery development
  • RC (Radio control) high discharge rate battery development
  • Power tool battery development
  • ALB electrode development for both ESS and EV
  • UL 1642 acquired


Patent acquired position


  • 3 patent in Lithium Ion electrode production
  • 10 patent in LIPB (Lithium Ion Polymer Battery) using polymer electrolyte
  • 2 patent in Lithium Ion Battery Pack production


  • 3 patent in Lithium Ion Battery Pack production


Enertech Exclusive Patent : Stack-Winding Structure

Stack-Winding Structure
Outstanding Close Contact between cathode and anode electrode interface contributes to high reliability
Low Internal Impedance provides high input and output characteristics
Stack-Winding Tension gives the battery these properties