Enertech international, Inc Will provide you with Power for your Life

Enertech international is leading the battery market by manufacturing and supplying the world’s most advanced LIPB (Lithium Ion Polymer Battery).

Contrast to the consumer market, the LIPB market is specialized and the demand is on the rise.
LIPB is now an essential and indispensable element in powering and sustaining devices such as security systems, GPS, unmanned security equipments.

We are capable of manufacturing thin-film like and light weight product (cells) that makes the most use (utilize) of the design and the characteristics as well as the functionality of the device.

Our current market share is as follows:

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Energy Storage System(ESS) E-Car Battery Drone Battery Military Battery Pack Lithium Polymer Battery

18650 Battery

Wireless device Battery Battery Energy Storage System E-Bus Battery Electrodes Marine Vehicle Battery
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