1. High rate discharge battery 

Enertech international's standard high discharge rate batteries are manufactured with 500 ~ 2,600mAh capacity. Standard high discharge rate batteries are designed to hold 15~20C continuous discharge rate however we are capable of manufacturing up to 25C continuous discharge rate depending on the customer’s demand. Furthermore the cycle characteristics of the high discharge rate batteries are 80%/100 cycle (1C charge, 15C discharge) which is phenomenal. High discharge rate batteries are used in varieties of application such as RC toys, UAV, and power tool and because high discharge rate batteries hold low impedance, it is suitable for application which requires instant rapid/high discharge.

2. Size Flexibility   
We are capable of designing and manufacturing custom sized cell. (Thickness: 2.7mm ~ 150mm), (Length: 39mm ~ 260mm) to meet the demand of the latest application.

3. High discharge rate battery
Enetech international is capable of designing and manufacturing high discharge rate batteries that can satisfy the needs of mobile communication device. Enetech international’s high discharge rate batteries swell less than 10% in 72hrs of 80°C and 90% of the capacity can be restored.High discharge rate battery is appropriate to be used for telematics use.

 4. Mass capacity battery 
Generally, LIPB is manufactured for portable application however mass capacity battery is suitable for application like UPS which requires energy storage. These mass capacity batteries can be manufactured upon receiving orderEnetech international's LIPB production schedule is flexible since cell research, cell production, and cell valuation is done at one location.