Battery Pack

Enertech international supplies 300,000 battery packs a month (bar code reader, notebook, PDA, MP3) to Symbol, GE, Madison, Asone through our international sales division Emerging Power and foreign companies in Korea. Specialized coordination and control for every (large and small) projects and production Smart Battery design and production capabilities and reliable quality control Top quality and performance using custom made 300 channel smart charger Ability to design and manufacture battery cell as well as packs, which enhances the quality and prompt lead time.

1. Protection/safety function
Microchip is installed in the PCM of the Smart Battery. Through SM BUS protocol, communication between the terminal (device) and the battery pack can be established. Sine the runtime (usage) and remaining capacity is available, devices such as medical devices and notebook is a prime example of devices that requires smart packs. Recently smart packs are applied on cellular phones, PDA, gaming devices, and various portable devices.

2. Communication function 
Required information such as voltage, current, temperature, discharging & charging time is received from the battery, is then transmitted to the terminal (device) through algorithm process; therefore the accuracy of this information is reliable. The remaining capacity can be verified through the LED on the exterior portion of the battery pack.

3. Storage and management advantage
Information such as remaining capacity, usage, manufacturer information, chemical characteristics are stored in the EEPROM memory and accurate information (voltage, current, remaining capacity, cycle count, and cycle life) is supplemented to the body which will be used for power management.
In previous batteries, the condition of the battery was determined by the voltage and temperature. The information was often inaccurate and unreliable since the voltage and the temperature fluctuates based on the size in charging/discharging current, environment temperature, cycle count.
Maximum charging/discharging impossibility; cycle life reduction, and capacity desecration is some of the discontentment of the consumers. Therefore battery with added features such as SMBUS communication capability is called the Smart battery. The capacity of battery is reduced by the cycle count, so the cycle count is stored in the EEPROM memory and needs to be refreshed every often. Information such as cycle count, environment temperature, and maximum temperature tolerance will help determine total usage time through the algorithm process in the Smart chip.