Electrode business is one of Enertech international's core investment and growing item

Core technology (Mixing, coating, press, slitting) of the magnetic tape from Seahan media (which once dominated the magnetic tape market with 23%) was synchronized with electrode technology to be able to manufacture top quality electrode.

Our key engineers are well experienced with 10 yrs in the magnetic tape industry and this core manpower is the dynamic force and advantage in ensuring top quality plate.

The core technology of electrode which is mixing consists of slurry dispersion, die coating, producing plate that is less than 3 ㎛ , high quality plate ensuring lithium ion’s uniformity and expanding the lifecycle.
In addition we have now commercialized the LIPB cells and safety and technology was widely recognized and accepted.

Enertech international is able to supply electrode items and the recnargeable Li-ion batteries are as follows:

  • Intermittent coating type and continuous coating type
  • High power output, high energy electrode
  • Low cost electrode
  • Thin Coating Electrode
  • HEV electrode (8-10Ah)

Contract manufacturing is available upon request and we are capable of supplying the electrode and customizing the electrode based on the customer’s needs.

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