Enertech international, Inc

Enertech international is the Battery Company in Korea that manufacture "Lithium Ion Polymer Batteries" and Design and Assemble" Value Added Battery Packs". Chungju Factory in Korea the Manufacturing Lines produce "Lithium Ion Polymer Cell" To the every corner in the World, Enertech international is Selling and Exporting with Lithium Ion Polymer Cell & Various Battery Packs.

Our standard products provide immediate access to the latest battery technology and expense of tooling and testing. However, if our standard products aren't suitable what you need. we can design and manufacture intelligent rechargeable batteries for OEM customers as we specialize in tailoring our level of support to meet your needs.

From Korean Domestic and World markets, Cells and Battery Packs are recognized of Quality of the products. And Enertech international has got Good Reputations from the customers. Enertech international Will provide you with Quality and Performance and Technology as a "Total Battery Solution Provider"


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