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With various active material manufacturing experience

Chemistry Advantage

Enerech international has manufacturing experience for various chemistries with well-understanding about each chemistry.
No matter which chemistry the customer prefers, we can meet the performance what the customer expects.

We use different active material according to battery application and characteristics. With various active material manufacturing experience, we understand customer needs and design the battery cell system.

Material Characteristics Applications
Cathode LiCoO2 High Capacity, Good Cycle performance
High Price, Poor Safety
Prismatic (IT)
Cylindrical (IT)
Pouch (IT, RC)
Li(NiCoMn)1/3O2   Fair safety, Good Energy density, Fair price   IT, RC, EV, E-boat, Wheel chair…
 LiMn2O4  Good Safety, Good Power density, Fair price E-bike, EV…  
 LiFePO4 Superior safety, Good cycle life, Low voltage  EV, HEV, PHEV…  
Anode Graphite Normal capacity, Good price, General purpose IT, RC, E-bike
 Hard Carbon High Capacity, Good charge characteristics, Easy SOC judgment   EV, PHEV, HEV
 Natural Carbon Fair? price, Water binder system, high capacity  IT 
Li4Ti5O12    Fast charge, Long cycle life, Good safety, Low voltage(2.3V) EV, PHEV