Smart Cell & Pack Introduction

Recent trend commercialized the device manufacturers to produce smaller and lighter devices (PDA, notebook, digital cameral, and MP3 player) with maximum performance. Naturally the battery manufacturers continuously researched and developed higher energy density batteries in addition to producing smaller and lighter batteries.
However as the energy density increases and capacity grows, the characteristics of the battery become sensitive and often dangerous, precise voltage and current must be controlled in order to maximize performance and maintain safety.
In order to accommodate such need, the design and architecture of control function of the battery pack is complex and the accurate and secure charging equipment needs to be facilitated. Furthermore charging process needs to be carefully observed to place appropriate full charge detection system.
For these reasons, major notebook manufacturers around the world choose smart battery which is equipped with SMBUS (System Management Bus). SMBUS is a microchip interface that has the ability to examine and the capacity, determine temperature, voltage, current, characteristics and communicate this valuable information with the device. In addition, SMBUS has the capability of protecting and securing the safety function and performance of the battery.